Print Feature: Define Magazine — Issue 001


Define Magazine explores thoughtful concepts through various artistic mediums. Created & founded by designer, Amanda Jane Jones, each issue of Define Magazine takes the simplicity of a single word and studies it with intentionality and exploration. Issue one launched this past week and explores the word "Fear". 

Jones writes, "Why 'fear'?...Because trying new things takes courage. Being an artist takes courage." This poignant take of this raw human emotion is laid out through features that explore what it means to feel fear as an creative, individual, and community. Not only does Define Magazine present it in an honest manner but also spurs the reader to move past their own fear and step into something that will better them as a human.

The various artists range from being photographers, painters, writers, & sculptors - this diversity adds depth to both the concept and publication that truly represents a "collective case study."

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- The Aesthetic Team