Print Feature: Cereal — Issue 10


We were so excited about this new issue we bought three! 

Cereal, a bi-annual cultural magazine from the UK, creates a timeless experience. Very well executed print design, not simply in layout and graphics but with an intentional curation of content.

Maintaining a balance of content is important and upon the completion of reading this issue we were left feeling the way you do after a perfect meal, sufficiently nourished and ready for a small dessert. Hence, the included literary supplement "Week|End" with writings on the subject of ego. A charming booklet with a short story from Richard Aslan and an interview with Charlie Lee-Potter. This issue also contains work from some of our favorite photographers and designers, including Justin Chung, Rich Stapleton and Margaret Howell.

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Stay cultured folks and have a good weekend!


We see value in being well-read individuals. Not merely as a means of expanding our own views but as an opportunity to slow down, exhale, and start again.


- The Aesthetic Team