At Aesthetic, we're always on the lookout for creative content. Here's what has been inspiring us this week: 


Humanae, a photographic series that explores the modern portrait by correlating the subjects with specific pantone colors. This unique approach is both technically innovative and captivating.

Software developers Alan Donahue & Steven Parker, created the "Waiting Wall", a projected screen where commuters traveling thru Brighton train station can submit anonymous messages and confessions for passerbys to read. Some of the confessions are comical while most speak to the human condition and reveal that we are not alone in the struggle. 

Design student of Estonian Academy of Arts, Birgit Oigus, designed an architectural installation where gigantic wooden megaphones are placed within Estonia's Pähni Nature Centre forrest. These megaphonic structures amplify the natural sounds of the surrounding landscape creating an experience that is both visually & auditorially interesting.


Photo by Jordan Lyle | @jamdownflava

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