Print Feature: CR Men's Book



When Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, saw the need for well curated fashion editorials within print in 2012, she took the initiative and founded her own groundbreaking fashion publication. Now after six issues of CR Fashion Book, dedicated to women's fashion and has had contemporary icons such as Beyonce, Lindsey Wixson, Lady Gaga, and Kate Upton grace the cover, Carine and the CR team have launched a supplementary publication for this fall with a focus on menswear.

CR Men's Book will stay true to the exceptional quality of its sister publication and will have cutting edge photography and fashion featuring some of the industry's top male models, designers, & artists. In its inaugural issue, CR Men's Book has taken a modern look at some of menswear unforgettable leading figures - each of which left their quirky mark within the fashion world.


As we enter into this year's Autumn/Winter season, we invite you to take a look at who and what is inspiring men's style.  

"Fashion doesn't look good on men. It's very difficult to strike a balance between trendy and traditional. Go too far and you look like a victim. Play too safe and you seem like a bore. In between, though, there's an ambiguity that is seductive — a vagueness of style, sexuality, of gender, of generation. I love this look on a man" | Carine Roitfleld


We see value in being well-read individuals. Not merely as a means of expanding our own views but as an opportunity to slow down, exhale, and start again.


- The Aesthetic Team