Holiday — Issue N° 377




The Argentine Issue


As we dive back into our Print Features, we would like to kindly showcase a beloved magazine, Holiday.

To shed a bit of light on the history of this publication we have to go back to Philadelphia, 1946.

The magazine spared no expenses in the creation of the publication. Whether it be sending photographers on elaborate trips around the world or hiring writers such as Hemingway, Didion & Steinbeck ... the list goes on. Doing so, they managed to deliver some of the highest quality print for it's day, reaching more than a million subscribers at it's peak. The magazine ran from 1946 - 1977. 

37 years later they reopened their doors in Paris, France. Maintaining their own visual standards and substance in a stunning bi-annual. It is easily one the highest quality fashion publications out there today.


You can buy it here.   

or for you Portland locals,

it's available at Riches Cigar & Magazine




We see value in being well-read individuals. Not merely as a means of expanding our own views but as an opportunity to slow down, exhale, and start again.


- The Aesthetic Team