Fellow creatives & people alike,

For those of you waiting for the next opportunity, job or creative endeavor. I wanted to take a moment to encourage you, motivate you and push you into the next.

As we all know the creative process can be a messy one. It should be. However, the transition from internal angst and a desire to express yourself to the finished product can be a tough one.

It’s important that we ask ourselves why we’re creating.

Why are you creating? What motivates you to be the best at what you do? What keeps you awake at night? What do you get lost in?

Identify this reason and let it fuel your ambition. If your reasoning is for immediate payoff, monetary gain or fame, you might want to consider a different field. The ones that succeed in the creative industry, that bring true growth to the world around us are the ones that selflessly create because there is a fire in them to get whatever it is inside of them, out.

Make your decision, fearlessly be terrible at whatever you’re pursuing and push through the bad work in order to get to the good work. Allow yourself the freedom create without fear. Our work is a physical representation of our feelings and it can be traced back to your initial perspectives and it shows.

Often times our perception of our own worth stems from what we do. If we can reframe this mindset, we can separate the worth of our work from our own self worth.

If you’re new at this, your work is likely shit but that doesn't mean you are. If you are able to break this mindset and free your work from the shackles of your own confidence your work will truly thrive. Few dream jobs are simply handed to you, go out and make your own fucking dreams come true.


Get out there and create fearlessly,


-Benjamin Ewing

Founder & Creative Director