Print Feature: Faculty Department by Justin Chung



With it's linen-wrapped hardcover and that "fresh ink" smell, we were instantly taken by the compiled work of Justin Chung. Clean type follows each well crafted image that makes you lean even further into it's bindings as you move from page to page. 

Offering vignettes into the lives of several artists in the industry. Justin explores their processes, philosophies and the things they hold dear. Giving us further incite into their work, or simply a greater appreciation for them as individuals.

A good read for a good weekend.



Faculty Department

"Chung found that while he was inspired by the work these creatives were producing, what he felt most connected to was their process—how the smallest intricacies in their daily lives contributed to making them the most effective, most happy, and most real."

We see value in being well-read individuals. Not merely as a means of expanding our own views but as an opportunity to slow down, exhale, and start again.


- The Aesthetic Team